DiSEqC positioner for aktuator og 4/1 switch Terra POS41D Se fuld størrelse

DiSEqC positioner for aktuator og 4/1 switch Terra POS41D

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DiSEqC positioner aktuator og 4/1 switch Terra POS41D kan bruges sammen med
lineær aktuator til satellit antenne / parabol.

Terra POS41D used for dish positioning and switching four converters by DiSEqC commands in one of two models:

1. DiSEqC 1.2 or 2.2 positioner integrating with DiSEqC  1.0 or 2.0 LNB switch (DiSEqC A, B, C, D, up to 4 LNB). Mode setup by sequence of two DiSEqC commands to positioner: E0 F0 48 55 80 7F and E2 F0 49 55 FE 01 (EEPROM value 01h on address 0FFh).

2. DiSEqC 1.2 or 2.2 positioner without LNB switch. Mode setup by sequence of two DiSEqC commands to positioner: E0 F0 48 55 80 7F and E2 F0 49 55 F9 06 (EEPROM value 06h on address 0FFh).

Switch mode setup in PIC controller EEPROM memory (address 07Fh) by special sequence of two DiSEqC commands to positioner (by special DiSEqC generator)

Positioner is setup to mode 1 in factory.

In mode 1 positioner stores satellite position and on aff LNB input. This need for receivers, witch can't work with positioner and LNB switch commands at the same time. For example, LNB switch used for switching universal Ku band, circular, C band LNB and for extending dish movement with additional LNB or combining motorized and stationari dish.

Positioner memory programming by receiver's remote, special DiSEqC commands by special DiSEqC generator or by PIC microcontroller programmer. After connecting switch to LNB supply voltage (output Receiver), activated Input LNB1, Positioner moved only to stored satellite positions.

When adjusting dish, user can move dish with "East" or "West" buttons on positioner.

User can reset positioner memory to factory settings by press "East" and "West" buttons on positioner at the sametime before apply voltage to positioner on output "Receiver" and then release them.

Positioner installing on the dish, power supply for actuator installing indoor with mains 220V.

Switch has short and overload protection on inputs LNB1-LNB10, switch can stay in shorted mode for a long time and after disshorting it works normally, it is no need to disconnect it from LNB supply voltage. Positioner stopped when no pulses from actuator (when used buttons "East" or "West" on positioner, positioner moved without pulses from actuator).

When it is need to bypass TV band signal, mix TV signal after switch on output Receiver.


  • Stop positioner movement
  • Disable limits
  • Read positioner status register
  • Set east limit
  • Set west limit
  • Drive motor east (with optional timeout/steps)
  • Drive motor west (with optional timeout/steps)
  • Store satellite position
  • Drive motor to stored satellite position



Satellite memory number
Power supply for actuator (20-36) V dc, ac
Signal loses
3 dB
Frequency range
Operating temperature
(-30 +65) °C
Max. current
Overload protection current
Current consumption
Voltage on output RECEIVER
+ (12-20) V